For Mothers

What is Prenatal Yoga ?

Childbirth requires physical and psychological preparation. Prenatal Yoga teaches various yogic practices designed to maintain your vitality, confidence, courage, and inner strength.

Yoga is an ancient holistic practice that takes into consideration your physical, mental and soulful well-being and development. The prenatal Yoga practices encourage and foster a connection with your unborn baby. It will help you to adapt to the many inner and outer changes during your pregnancy with grace and positivity.

What will I learn in class?

Prenatal Yoga modifies all the classical Yoga poses and practices to suit the changing pregnant body, the mind and the emotions during each of the trimesters.

In the class you will learn:

  • Poses to alleviate common changes
  • Simple belly dancing movements to release and loosen the pelvis.
  • Yogic breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation techniques necessary to achieve your optimal birthing experience.
  • Much info on birth choices, attendants, and other aspects of pregnancy and birth

What are the benefits of joining a class?

In class you will meet and communicate with like-minded mothers and enjoy a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. This new community can bring many years of support during your parenting years.

You will also benefit from the expertise and counsel of an experienced teacher.

Prenatal Yoga will benefit:

  • Overall posture
  • Tone and strength
  • Vitality, self-confidence and grace
  • The common changes associated with the pregnant body
  • The release of physical tension in muscles and joints
  • You awareness of the inner self and baby within
  • The release of fear and mental strain
  • A connection with partner or family
  • Your courage and inner strength

For Couples

Partner night

Partners will be invited to participate in a night of partner Yoga. Partners will also learn practical tools to support and comfort the woman during labor. A partner can be a friend or other family member. Refer to the schedule for time, location and fee of class

Sharing the experience

“The prenatal yoga sessions were a special time to leave the stress of work and other commitments behind and really connect with my yet-to-be-born child. In retrospect, the breathing and other techniques learned were great preparation for dealing with the pain of labor.”
--Jennifer Bell, Scientist (NIOSH)

“The class did give me a more peaceful outlook on what was to come. Prenatal Yoga soothed the aches, quieted the worries, and made us all feel part of something bigger,motherhood. That 1-1/2 hour became my favorite event each week, because I loved to be with other like-minded women, sharing the backaches, the worries, the journey, and the love we had for the babies in our bellies.”
--Frances Toro, Geophysicist


Postnatal Yoga class is a 75-minute yoga class designed to get the postpartum mother back in shape while playfully bonding with her new baby. For the mother, the class focuses on postpartum needs such as regaining alignment, toning the pelvic floor and re-establishing core strength. Through Vinyasa-influenced teaching, the class challenges the mother, giving her a sense of physical fitness and well-being. Babies age 4 weeks through crawling are welcome.

Instructor: Adrian Kettering,

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